About Naturopathic Nutrition

How simple healing would be if we all had the same constitution, the same inherent strengths and weaknesses, and the same predispositions to particular diseases; we could hone our skills to a fine art. But, of course, we are not that boring, each of us having our unique characteristics. Ongoing research into the human genome is revealing more and more about ourselves and about our individual inherent strengths and weaknesses.

So why does the Western approach treats us in very much as if we were all the same? Rather than the conventional approach of treating the disease or its symptoms, the naturopathic approach is to look for the causes. A naturopathic practitioner will take into account the presenting symptoms but will look at the much bigger picture and consider influences to health that may be coming from dietary, emotional, mental and structural (the muscles and skeletal system) factors. This is the truly holistic approach to healing by treating everyone as an individual.

Metabolically we are all different and this explains why a diet that works well for one person may be inappropriate for another, even for a member of the same family. The ‘one-size fits all’ supposedly ‘healthy diet’ simply cannot work for everyone. While the therapeutic approach may be based on nutrition, the skill of the therapist is to determine the appropriate nutrition for individual clients.